How To Paint Metal

electrostatic painting of a bank teller machineElectroKote uses an Electrostatic Metal Painting process that is based on a simple law of electricity – opposite polarities attract, just like the opposing ends of two magnets.Electrostatic Painting Explained “Electrostatic Painting” is a term describing a metal painting application method.  Electrostatic painting requires a specialized painting system developed specifically for refinishing metal surfaces.

Just like an aerosol spray paint can  where paint is forced out with compressed air which atomizes the paint with an aspiration effect with a result of a fog of paint.  Aerosol spray painting will produce inconsistent and uneven distribution of paint that is unacceptable for commercial applications.

The secret of the electrostatic process is the unique way in which the paint is atomized.

Both methods utilized the atomization of the paint into smaller particles as a means of transferring the paint to the object being coated. That is where the similarity ends.

The electrostatic process system atomizes the paint in a static field created at the tip of the spray gun directly in front of the target object. The grounded object “attracts” the charged paint to the surface like a magnet, resulting in a factory finish without any over spray or fog, allowing for on-site painting in close spaces such as an office environment or a retail store.

The specially formulated paints that are used in the electrostatic prices system are high quality epoxy enamels and poly urethane designed for industrial applications. The coatings cure to a high adhesion, chip resistant finish.


Electrostatic Painting is an application process that ensures a professional finish every time.